9 Anti Ageing Secrets to Looking Younger

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If there is a one sure-fire magnetic phrase for humans, it is ‘anti-ageing’. As biological beings we are all supposed to complete our life cycles with ageing as an integral part of the cycle. Still, the pull of ‘anti-ageing’ is so much that we keep hoping to delay the ravages of time by trying all that we can. Beauty product sellers make millions by bottling special ‘clinically proven’ anti-ageing formulas and setting hefty price tags that people buy happily and eagerly. Plastic surgeons, dermatologists and anesthetics- anti-ageing is their businesses’ core support. With the right beauty salon equipment in Australia you can achieve amazing results fast and at low cost. However if going under the scalpel and spending thousands of dollars is not you thing, here are a few simple but extremely effective anti-ageing beauty tips from experts.

  • CTM- Yes, it is the good old clean-tone-moisturize routine. Most simple and most effective too if done daily without fail as a habit.
  • Sunscreen- Tan, brown spots, wrinkles- sun exposure is behind all these. So wear a sunscreen every time you step out.
  • Dry brushing- Invest in a good skin bush or just use a brand new clean tooth brush. Dry brush skin before bathing and see the difference in a few weeks.
  • Massage and Facial- Pamper your skin with massages and nurture your face with facials every month, at a quality spa of course.
  • Deep breathing- Give your body and skin amazing benefits of fresh oxygen. Breathe deeply as much and as often as you can, at a pollution-free place, of course.
  • Exercise- A morning jog or a brisk walk is great to detoxify your system and add a healthy glow all over.
  • Water- The elixir of life is also good at keeping your system healthy and less prone to damages of ageing. 8 glasses a day is a minimum.
  • Healthy diet-  have fresh food rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Sleep- Get your eight hours of shut eye to let your body self –repair its damages of the day

Looking and feeling younger when your years are getting away from you can be quite a challenge, and for many grand ma types the need to actually look younger no longer beckons. For those of you that think you can still cut the mustard down the local pub on cougar night, you might want to visit the local beauty salon for a quick ipl laser treatment first. Some amazing things can be achieved  with the type of beauty equipment and technology available today. Skin treatments using ipl lasers and microdermabrasion machines are seeing many women claw back years in their looks. Some are going from looking 70 plus to as far back as 60, and 55. Imagine being able to go out and pass yourself off as a young vixen once again.

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